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Product Name:


ClearNeon Workable Art Fixative


Company Identification:


ClearNeon Inc.

7011 W. Central Ave


Wichita, KS 67212



In case of medical emergencies, please contact your local poison control center.


Transportation emergency (24-hour), contact:

Dan Dopps – Phone # 1-316-393-7691 (US)


Date:   January 2002         Updated: 2020


                                            SECTION 2 – HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION


This is a consumer commodity art fixative that is safe for consumers and other users under intended and reasonably foreseeable use.  Additional information on toxicological endpoints is available from the supplier upon request.




Contact may cause mild, transient irritation. Some redness and/or stinging may occur.



Not expected to be irritating, sensitizing, photoallergic or phototoxic when used as intended.  It May cause freeze burns to the skin if directly sprayed in close proximity to one spot without moving.  If irritation occurs following intended use or prolonged contact it is expected to be mild and transient.



May cause mild, transient respiratory irritation. Avoid prolonged contact to concentrated vapors.



The product used as intended is not expected to cause gastrointestinal irritation.  Accidental ingestion of undiluted products may cause mild gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.



                                            SECTION 3 – COMPOSITION AND INGREDIENTS
Complete ingredient list is:


Dimethyl Ether, Water Acrylates Copolymer, Fragrance.


Hazardous Ingredients as defined by OSHA, 29 CFR 1910.1200 and/or WHMIS under the HPA:

Chemical Name Common Name CAS No. Composition Range LD50/LC50
Methoxymethane Dimethyl Ether 115-10-6 70 -85 % LD50 = No data available


LC50 = 368 g/m3 (rat)



EYE: Thorough rinsing for 15 – 20 minutes of the affected eye with water is recommended. If discomfort or irritation persists, consult a physician.



Skin Problem:  Discontinue use of the product.  Wash the affected area with soap and water.  Apply a cold compress to affected areas to relieve any discomfort.  If discomfort persists, consult a physician.


Inhalation:  If respiratory irritation occurs, remove individual to fresh air.


Ingestion:  Accidental ingestion of the product may necessitate medical attention. In case of accidental ingestion dilute with fluids (water or milk) and treat symptomatically.  Do Not induce vomiting.

Note: After first aid treatment, the individual should be advised that a hospital emergency room or family physician should be consulted if anything unusual occurs or appears necessary in the judgment of the individual and that the subsequent management of the accident should be dictated by persistent symptoms and under the direction of a physician.



Flash Point:  Flashpoint applies only to liquids and is not applicable to aerosols.  See section 13 for disposal information and section 14 for transport information.



Extinguishing Media:   Use chemical foam, dry chemical, carbon dioxide or water.


Explosion Hazard:   Flammable. Containers may rocket or explode in heat or fire.  Explosive mixtures may form with air if large quantities of product are released in unventilated areas.


Fire Fighting Instructions:  Contact emergency personnel.   Contents under pressure.   Containers may rocket or explode in heat or fire.  Use a self-contained breathing apparatus and full protective gear, if large quantities of product are involved.  Hazardous decomposition products may be released.  Thermal degradation may produce oxides of carbon and/or derivatives. Thermal degradation may also produce oxides of silicone.



Procedures for Spill/Leak Clean-up.



For Household Settings:  Ventilate the area and eliminate all ignition sources.  Absorb liquid and scrub the area with detergent.


For Non-Household Settings:   Ventilate the area and eliminate all ignition sources.  Use safety glasses or goggles if splash hazards exist;  use gloves and other protective clothing (apron boots etc.) to prevent skin contact



Precautions for safe handling:



For Household Settings:  Do not expose to heat and or flames.  Use only in ventilated areas.  Avoid smoking during use.  Contents under pressure.  Do not puncture or incinerate the container or store it at temperatures above 120 degrees F (50 degrees C).  Keep out of the reach of children.


For Non-household Settings:  Avoid heat, sparks, flame, or smoking during use.  Do not crush, puncture or incinerate.  Avoid extreme heat and ignition sources.  Store at room temperature.  Avoid spraying toward an open flame. Avoid puncturing or otherwise damaging aerosol containers and packaging using forklifts or other material handling equipment.


Conditions for Safe Storage:


For Household Settings:  Pressurized contained.  Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 120 degrees F.


For Non-Household Settings:  Pressurized contained.  Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 120 degrees F (50 degrees C.).  Keep from extreme cold.  Store in accordance with local requirements for Aerosol Level 2.  Store in a well-ventilated, cool area.



For Household Settings:  This product is safe for consumers and other users under normal and reasonably foreseeable use.



For Non-household Settings:  Use in well-ventilated areas.  Use safety glasses or goggles if airborne mist hazards exist; use gloves and other protective clothing to prevent skin contact.  Always follow good hygienic work practices.  Avoid prolonged contact with skin and clothing.  This product is safe for consumers and other users under normal and reasonably foreseen use.



Color, odor, and Appearance:  A light amber to white liquid with a characteristic odor. Melting Point:  Not applicable.
Physical State:  Liquid. Boiling Point:  Not Applicable.
pH:  8.4 – 9.4 Solubility in water:


Concentrate = Soluble.

Propellant = Negligible.

Flashpoint:  Not applicable to aerosols. % VOC:  Complies with Federal and State regulations for VOC content.
Vapor Density:  0.86 g/ml Specific Gravity:  0.95 – 0.97




Conditions to Avoid:  Avoid extreme heat and ignition sources.  Store away from oxidizers.



Other Recommendations:  None


This product is safe for consumers and other users under intended and reasonably foreseeable use.  Additional information on toxicological endpoints is available from the supplier upon request.



Chronic Effects:  Finished product is not expected to have chronic health effects.

Target Organs:  No adverse health effects on target organs are expected for the finished product.

Carcinogenicity:  Finished product is not expected to be carcinogenic.

NTP:  No                               IARC:  No                              OSHA:  No



The product ingredients are expected to be safe for the environment at concentrations predicted under normal use and accidental spill scenarios.  Packaging components are compatible with conventional solid waste management practices.  Additional information is available from the supplier on request.




Disposal should be in accordance with Federal, State/Provincial, and Local regulations.



For Household Settings The following instructions are for consumer usage only.  Empty cans through normal use as instructed on the can, before disposing of them.  If the can not be emptied due to malfunction of the nozzle, the product should be disposed of in a special waste collection for pressurized containers.  A local waste handler should be contacted for additional information.


For Non-Household Settings:  Products covered by this MSDS, in their original form, when disposed of as waste, are ignitable hazardous waste, D001, according to Federal RCRA regulations (40 CFR 261).  The disposal should be in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.  Aerosol cans, when disposed of as waste are regulated as D003 reactive hazardous waste in some States because of their potential to explode when heated.  Check with your state environmental agency for guidance.


California Waste Code:  331



Finished packaged product transported by ground (DOT):   UN1950, Aerosols, Flammable, Class 2.1, Ltd Qty.  May be shipped as Consumer Commodity ORM-D (US).


Finished packaged product transported by vessel (IMDG):  UN1950, Aerosols, Flammable, Class 2.1, Ltd Qty.

Finished packaged product transported by Air (IATA):  UN1950, Aerosols, Flammable, Class 2.1, Ltd Qty.



US Federal


The product described in this Material Safety Data Sheet is regulated under Federal law and is safe as per directions on the container, box, or accompanying literature (where applicable).


CERCLA reportable quantity (RQ):

Ingredient CAS# Level RQ
RCRA Hazardous Waste No. D001/Unlisted


Hazardous Waste Characteristic Of Ignitability

(Dimethyl Ether)

115-10-6 70 – 85% 100 lbs.



All ingredients are CEPA approved for import to Canada.  This product has been classified in accordance with the hazard criteria of the Canadian Controlled Products Regulations (CPR) and this NSDS contains all the information required by the CPR.


US States

CA Prop 65:

This product is not subject to warning labeling under California Proposition 65.


State Right-to-Know:

The following ingredients are present in the finished product and are listed on the following state right-to-know list:

Ingredient CAS# Level State
Dimethyl Ether 115-10-6 70 – 85% IL MA NJ PA RI



Perfumes contained within the finished products covered by this MSDS comply with appropriate IFRA guidance.



DISCLAIMER:   This MSDS is intended to provide a brief summary of our knowledge and guidance regarding the use of this material.  The information contained here has been compiled from sources considered to be dependable and accurate to the best of ClearNeon Inc.’s knowledge.  It is not meant to be an all-inclusive document on worldwide hazard communication regulations.



This information is offered in good faith.  Each user of this product needs to evaluate the conditions of use and design the appropriate protective mechanisms to prevent personal exposures, property damage, or release to the environment.  ClearNeon Inc. assumes no responsibility for injury to the user or third persons, for any damage to property resulting from the use or misuse of the product.



Frequently asked Questions

What type of blacklight works best?

Not all “black-lights” are equal, it must be a wave length in the range of 365nm.  Very important!  Fluorescent type black-lights are typically the best option, LED black lights can work but I would recommend testing. The wrong wave length will change the colors and not be as bright of an effect.  Remember always paint with the blacklight on and the brightness of the effect is determined by the amount Watts of blacklight at the surface, the Inverse Square Rule applies.  A common mistake is to apply way to much ClearNeon to increase the brightness instead of adding brighter “watts” of blacklight.  If you do that you will begin to see color/non invisible in normal light conditions.

Do you accept returns?

We can not accept returns of product due to hazardous shipping regulations.  It is illegal to allow customers to return ship hazardous materials, with out being certified as a hazmat shipper.   We will how ever refund the purchase price for defective products if aerosol fails to spray, fails to function as represented when used as directed following all package instructions, website instructions and  product label.

Is it available in a store near me?

It might be available right around the corner, but we have no way to know who has it in stock. Ask your local stores you may need to give them the web address for ClearNeon.

Can it be applied over latex wall paint?

Clearneon works great on latex wall paint. It works best on semi-gloss, egg shell surfaces. Usually the color of the wall paint will not effect the color of the Clearneon paint. If you put Blue Clearneon on a black wall and it will look the same as if it was on a pink wall.

How much area will a single can cover?

If sprayed on solid a can of spray paint it will cover approx. 48 square feet, or a 1 inch wide line 600 feet long. My experience is the best effects are achieved with line drawings and partial coverage of color.

Can I get it shipped Next Day Air?

Yes: But it can is expensive,  aerosol is considered dangerous goods and is very expensive to ship next day a typical package will cost $120. Whereas UPS ground typical package ranges $7 to $20, plan ahead we ship the same day and in continental USA you will have product within 4 days.

Will it come of my clothes and skin?

Yes, Clearneon can be removed from showering and laundry soap. Test in a non-conspicuous area and follow label instructions.

If I spray it on my wall, I won't see anything in daylight the day, right?

Clearneon is Transparent “see through” like “clear coat lacquer” it has a slight shine to it, so that it will blend in with almost every type of surfaces. It will appear shinny when applied to flat wall paint, but otherwise there is no noticeable color to Clearneon.

Can ClearNeon be applied to plastic like PVC and metal computer cases?

Yes it was formulated for plastic, and works very well on all types of plastics. Surface should be cleaned and free of oil or dirt. Household cleaners or alcohol work well. Try it on wires and fans.